First training run

Weight 12st 10lbs (but our scales weigh heavy!)
Ran 2.5 miles

My first official training run for the Virgin London marathon 2013 and my first blog post. There is a lot of time for thinking during marathon training and lots of people seem to convert that thinking into writing so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’m not under any illusion that people will be particularly interested in reading this but you never know what gems I might be able to impart.

I’m running the marathon in aid of Barnardo’s ( who I currently work for managing the Big Toddle. More about them tomorrow…

I managed 2.5 miles at 06:15 this morning. It was gorgeous out there but flippin’ cold! I must buy some longer socks to avoid chilly ankles. I felt pretty good despite dropping my iphone into a muddy bog and nearly falling into it myself. Luckily the iphone and me survived.

I’ve set myself a mini challenge of running for 30 minutes three times this week and a bit longer than that on Saturday. One down, two to go.

Must lose some weight before Christmas – I don’t want to be dragging all this lard around the marathon with me!




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